Real men’s coffee
Discounts can be discussed when buying from certain amounts.
About us

Barbershops are created not only for haircuts.

They were once a place where locals gathered and talked about everything from sports to politics.

Such places were crowded, and each guest held a cup of coffee in his hand.

Barbershop Coffee wants to get you back to the time when the talk was noisy and the time flew when you held a cup of premium coffee in your hand.

Hand made from the best regions of the world and roasted to perfection - let Barbershop Coffee be your guide to the past and present.

100% Arabica
Blend from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala.
Roasting: Medium
Flavour profile
Soft and rounded taste with caramel sweetness and additional flavour of cocoa and spices. The aftertaste is long, soft with some flavour of bitter chocolate and biscuits.
Taste characteristics
Bitterness: Moderate
Sourish: Light
Strength: Medium
Our coffee is presented in two types of doi packs weighing 250 gr. at a cost of 500 rubles and 1000 gr. at a cost of 1500 rubles.

We recommend cooking this espresso mixture with the following settings of the equipment (settings for double espresso):

Water temperature: 91°С
Amount of coffee: 18 g
Volume of espresso: 50 ml
Weight of espresso: 34 g
Extraction time: 25 seconds
Before our pack of coffee gets into your barbershop, it will be roasted no later than two weeks ago, which gives the maximum taste characteristics and beneficial features.
We provide a deferral of payments for 14 days for all those who wish to gets into partnership with us, with the purchase of certain amounts.
Our coffee can be tasted at any time at the coffee shop «Chasovaya», located at: 28, Chasovaya Street, Moscow.
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28, Chasovaya Street, Moscow
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